Somewhere Between a Bow and a Hug

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 Posted by Katie

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Somewhere between a bow and a where you will find Jesus.

When you want to get in tune with the heartbeat of another, you have to get in close enough to hear it first.

Imagine God is standing before you...all human-looking. (no bright lights on thrones in this vision,okay?)

He invites you to tune your heart, your very life, in sync with his heart. If you want to hear his heart, you must...

Stop Talking.
Quiet Down.
Lean your head down so that it is close to his heart. (Totally okay if you call this a “bow”.)
Wrap at least one arm around him so that you can hold your ear near to his heart. (Hug.)
Don’t ever let go.

Somewhere between a bow and a hug, between reverence and embrace, that is where you will find his heartbeat, the one that won’t ever let you go. That is where you will find Jesus.

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