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Thursday, August 15, 2013 Posted by Sara

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This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my church's women's conference.  It was a supercharged event with women speaking left and right about what it means to walk as powerful and fearless women of God - and the importance of renewing your mind with God's Word to break off the lies that keep us from walking in the fullness of who God calls us to be.

I attended a breakout session that shifted something deep inside of me.  The session was entitled, "The Supernatural Power of Beauty." Our speaker shared about her journey growing up with different ailments that created a struggle for her to believe she was beautiful.  She noted how people who loved themselves always seemed beautiful to her, and others were drawn to them.  At a young age she prayed to God, "God, show me how to love myself," believing that this change in her would open doors to share God's love with others.

She shared how God had given her this little story to help her understand an important truth.  In the story there is a starving little boy in Africa.  He lives in a small village under the care of a guardian.  One day a group of people from World Vision show up to feed this boy.  The guardian stops them and refuses. 
     "This boy does not deserve any food today, he ruined my breakfast this morning - dropped it all over the floor."  The World Vision workers leave, deciding to return tomorrow.
     "Could we please feed this child, he is starving," the World Vision workers plead the following day.
     "No, " the guardian responds, "he is ugly, he does not deserve to eat."
     The World Vision workers are saddened by the situation, but return the following day to try one more time.
     "You can not feed him, "the guardian responds, "he can not carry water like the other children.  He is worthless."
     Heart broken, the World Vision workers have to leave.

The speaker shared that God said she was like the guardian - and the starving child.  When she looked at herself she saw the mistakes, the things she didn't like about herself, or the things she couldn't do like others, and she felt defeated, disqualified.  When God's unconditional love showed up at the door  to nourish her, she denied it access, because she felt undeserving.  And she began to starve herself of His love. 

I began to cry as she described the story, knowing I have been starving myself of His love for most of my life, convincing myself I had to earn it somehow or was unworthy of it for a multitude of reasons.  She shared that when moments come up where she is tempted to feel defeated, she asks herself, "Is this worth starving myself of love?" She sets her mind on God's grace and unconditional love for her, and feeds her spirit with Truth from His Word.

This speaker became a great teacher to me.  I've already begun to respond differently to situations in my life - instead of becoming defeated, I remember who God is, and who He says I am, and choose to learn, love myself and move on.  

It's my most treasured beauty tip.  

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