Daily Fast Fuel

Friday, April 08, 2011 Posted by Anonymous

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If you know me, you'll no doubt be confused that I am writing for a site with a theme resembling fast food. If you don't know me, allow me to explain.

I'm not a believer in the effectiveness of aiming for fast and easy in life. I could get on my soap-box right here and now on this topic, but since I am only one writer in a cooperative of six, I'll drop my preaching and get to the point.

Daily Fast Fuel is the culmination of a year of praying, listening, conversing, and planning. In that order. So while the title may insinuate a quick fix of some sort, the creation of our site has not been a hasty or haphazard decision.

We have landed here.

In my personal quest to grow in my love for Jesus, writing has proven to be a means of fellowship with my Lord. The women on the Daily Fast Fuel team are wired in a similar way. As Christians we desire to fill our bodies and souls with rich fuel. Powerful fuel. Life-sustaining, as well as, life-changing fuel. Fuel that is untainted. Pure.

We get our fuel directly from the Source.

Only, life trips us up sometimes. We forget to eat. We forget to dine on the one and only fuel that promises life. We find every excuse in the book not to order the most nutrient-rich fuel for our lives, and instead, choose empty calories – leaving us hungry. Or, if we do make the choice to stop and refuel with God's word, we then run about our day, quickly forgetting what it was we just digested.

Thus, Daily Fast Fuel. It may be a fast meal – only it packs a punch. The delicious morsels are brief, but hearty – guaranteed not to cause that mid-day crash that occurs after feasting upon, well, garbage.

It is our desire to serve you, the reader, nuggets of life-giving fuel that you can carry along with you on your daily journey.

Think of it as soul-fuel (only that name was already taken). Take a bite. Savor the flavor and let it linger. Swallow it down and allow it to provide you with encouragement, grace, love, and life (as well as a sprinkling of conviction and challenge here and there) as we run the race together.

Enjoy your meal,