Pruning Creates the Most Beautiful Roses

Thursday, September 04, 2014 Posted by Unknown

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I am not a gardener.
I have tried.
Herb gardens.
Vegetable gardens.
Name it, I've tried it.
And every time, I kill each plant.


Neglect. I forget to weed. I forget to clear away that which chokes that dear plant.
I don't tend to the garden’s needs. I let it get overgrown.

It's just not my thing.

Beautiful bounty comes from pruning.

It's hard work.

But necessary.

Ask anyone who nurtures roses. The most beautiful, robust, and hearty roses will only bloom if one first prunes the rose that SEEMS to be the most beautiful. It’s almost heartbreaking to snip that first vibrant rose, but doing so will surprise one’s senses when one more striking blooms from underneath.

Before I initiated and we started Daily Fast Fuel in 2011, we took months to pray. We asked God to lead us to writers. We met often to discuss themes. We considered our craft as writers to be a source of hope and ministry for our readers. We even launched a beta site to get feedback before going live. Daily Fast Fuel was not a hasty creation.

Which is why this post may seem surprising.

Those of us from the original team are sensing a strong need for a pruning of Daily Fast Fuel.

What does this mean?

Simply put, it's time for a hiatus. A retreat. Some soul-care time away from our weekly spiritual musings. We are hearing a call to step back, regroup, fill up, and look ahead.

The journey is not over. The journey may be just beginning.

We do not have a definite timeline as when Daily Fast Fuel will return, but we all agree that our mission here is not over, shut, or complete.

Would you pray with us as we venture out on the open road to see what God has planned for us? We are open to His weeding, and, dare I say, snips, in order to create something even more special for you, dear readers.

Know that when He has made our path clear, we will return to serve you with daily nuggets of nourishment from scripture. For that has always been our mission. That our small portions would fuel you throughout your day.

This is not farewell.

Just, so long for NOW.

If you would like to keep up with us, many of us have personal blogs where you can check in from time to time, or subscribe if you so choose.

Be blessed. We are being obedient to a new direction. And we will be back to collect you! Thank you for your support, grace, and understanding.

Your original Daily Fast Food crew,