Olympic Faith

Sunday, February 09, 2014 Posted by Sara

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What is it about the Olympics that brings such JOY?  

The nations converging.
The inspiration of the athlete's journey.
The hope of victory.
The celebration of a people who relentlessly pursue their dreams.

There is something about being on a journey to take hold of a dream that captivates the globe.  

This week we are talking about what it means to "train" for the honor of representing God's Kingdom. 
We are all on a journey, but what does it take to stay engaged in the process?
What strengthens us and prepares us to release and represent God's Kingdom along the way?
If your walk with the Lord were approached like training for the Olympics, what would it look like?

Daily Fast Fuelers, it's time to weigh in.
On your marks, get set...

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