Going for Gold

Monday, February 10, 2014 Posted by Sara

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Joshua quietly took a grape from the bunch and passed it back to Caleb, who also took one and then carefully placed the rest in the sack over his shoulder.  

Safe keeping.  Moses had instructed they return with fruit.  Caleb and Joshua smiled, satisfied by the small bite they had taken while the other spies walked ahead, lost in conversation.  The team would be back to this land soon enough. Might as well be refreshed for the journey back to the Israelite camp.

The men ahead spoke with fervor and passion.  Caleb rolled his eyes, "The land is good.  The fruit is better.  We have found gold- the honey, and milk.  Why do they grumble?"

"It's easier, sometimes" Joshua said.

"Of course it is.  They've had so much practice." Caleb coughed when one of the men turned around.

"I'm not sure they saw what we saw," Joshua added once the men ahead had continued on.

Caleb whispered, "We all saw the men, of course. They are afraid."

Joshua nodded.  

"But if God has said this land is ours, how can they doubt?" Caleb's voice began to carry. "They know His hand is upon us.  They know His deliverance from Egypt - the parting of the sea, the food in the desert.  He is able - to do anything He pleases." 

All of the men ahead turned at the sound of Caleb's voice now loud enough for all to hear.

"SILENCE." Gaddiel commanded, "You will give us away.  Caleb, it's not safe.  They will destroy us.  And our families.  We are not ready.  We must be wise."

"Where does your wisdom come from?!" Caleb shouted.

"Caleb!" Gaddiel approached sternly grabbing his shoulders to demand his silence, "You want your children to die. This is your desire?"

Joshua moved towards Gaddiel, gently lifting his arms off of Caleb, "No, we want our children to live. And so does God."

Caleb's passion watered his eyes, "Your wisdom leads your family by FEAR.  We are standing on His very promise - to Abraham - to Issac- to Jacob.  What they would give to see what we have seen! It is OUR time to lay hold of this promise - and you say WAIT?" 

Gaddiel took a deep breath, to steady his temper, "It is not SAFE, Caleb."

Caleb shook his head, "FAITH was never meant to be." 

I've been reflecting lately on the story of Caleb and Joshua entering into the promised land.  This story is speaking to me of Olympic faith - the kind that changes nations and people.  This story also speaks to me of the cost of living from fear.  Our steps of faith impact others, but so do our choices dictated by fear - the other spies and much of their family never saw the promised land because of their lack of faith.  As I grow as His child, I am asking for more COURAGE to pursue HIM and all that he calls me to - led by FAITH not by fear. Because my FAITH could impact the generations to come.

"And without faith, it is impossible to please God." Hebrews 11:6

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