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Thursday, October 03, 2013 Posted by Sara

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Herein lies the blog entry of young woman of noble status (daughter of the King, that is).  At the adventurous and curious age of 32, she calls a small town in Northern California home.  It's here in the lowlands near Shasta Mountain that this fair maiden makes her way to and from a small farm where she resides with three wonderful roommates and her beloved dog of questionable lineage, Annabelle.  It should be noted that the farm is also home to a brave, lone peahen and her kindred sidekick, a small white chicken.

Previous inhabitants of the farm included a flock of chickens who met their untimely demise at the hand of a ruthless fox.  This tale can henceforth be found here. 

A fan of the pen, Sara enjoys stealing away to coffee shops and dreaming up Kingdom tales.  The sip of a vanilla chai and the pitter pater of little fingers a top a keyboard are commonplace in such circumstances.

When writing is not in session, this one spends her days as a teacher to a wonderful group of 3rd and 4th graders at a small Christian school.  

Prior to becoming a Californian, Sara lived in a tiny town in Southern, Illinois called Cairo.  She spent seven years as a missionary there and fell more deeply in love with Jesus.

Sara is originally from Louisiana, but spent most of her life globe trotting thanks to her father's job.  Colombia, South America and London, England were previous "homes," followed by a short stint in Chicago, Illinois where she attended Northwestern University and graduated with a film degree.

With an undeniable affection for storytelling, Sara loves writing for the Daily Fast Fuel, and sharing about her journey with the King. It's a joy to write with such a fun group of women - both new and old friends - and her sister (Katie Pickard) to boot!  

Welcome to our journey!  We are excited to welcome Lisa and Lezlie to our mix of writers and look forward to a wonderful new season of musings! 

Glad you could stop by! Ya'll come back now...

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