A Thing Or Two (or More) About Debbie

Thursday, October 03, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Chicago Irish Catholic girl grows into Rural Christian woman.
Wife of a government tech guy suddenly becomes wife of a farmer (not to worry, they are the same guy).
Woman who somewhat enjoyed writing discovers it’s something she might actually do a little bit well.
Gal who can’t swim worth a lick takes to kayaking right off the dock.
Musically-challenged soccer mom transforms into drum-playing rocker mom.

My life is proof that God has His own plans...and a sense of humor.
It’s also proof that He never leaves or forsakes us.

He was there when I was 15 and newly moved to Northern Virginia.  He made sure I met Dawn, so that she could introduce me to Him.

He was there when the tech guy and I stopped infertility treatments and gave up hope of having children.  He was there through the severe depression that followed.  He was there when our first miracle son was born, and nine years later at the appearance of  miracle number two. 

He was there three and a half years ago, forming Talk Your Legg Off Productions in my head and heart, re-igniting my interest in writing, directing my completely unexpected attempt at making a film (some would substitute unwise or unwarranted for unexpected).  And He was there two and a half years ago, encouraging me through the mildly-terrifying proposition of writing for Daily Fast Fuel.

He was there on the camping trip in 2008 when a total stranger invited me to try out her kayak.   He was the bravery that pushed me past my fears of failure and looking stupid to paddle and laugh and discover new passion.

He was there Christmas 2009, playing Lego Rock Band with our oldest son, when I sat down at the drum kit and it felt exactly like home.

He’s been there through every laugh, every tear, every sigh, every everything.  He loves me.  I love Him. 

My life is proof that there is a God, and He is good.

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