What Children Teach Us

Saturday, January 26, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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“Alex, I’ll take Real Life for $100, please.”

“Answer:  Legos, Transformers, how to make the biggest splash when jumping into the pool, Minecraft, radio-controlled vehicles, Nerf guns, dinosaurs, things that survive a trip through the washing machine and things that don’t.”  [buzzer]  “Debbie?”

“What are things have I learned from mothering boys?”

“That’s correct.”

I know we could all spend HOURS commiserating on various and sundry life lessons that children teach us…and that’s pretty much what we plan to do here at Daily Fast Fuel this week.  Funny things, serious things, God things, embarrassing things… I can’t wait to see what kind of “jeopardy” God leads us into! 

Okay, back to the game…  “Alex, I’ll take Favorite Blogvotionals for $500, please.”

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