The Spitting Image of God

Sunday, January 27, 2013 Posted by Joline

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"He looks like a mini George!"

"She looks just like you!"

Our children. Made in the spitting image of us. Or, are they?

Sure, they favor us. There are dimples. Facial expressions. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Technically, they look exactly like us. But my children have taught me that they are actually NOTHING like me. Or George.

They aren't even like each other.

No, their true image is that of the One and Only God.
They are image bearers of the King!
Graciously, He gifted us with our children. Trusted us with the responsibility of loving them, raising them, and growing them up to know Him. And yet, they are not ours.

And that is so very difficult to swallow. And, at the same time, so very comforting.

When I'm tempted to lose my temper (and still do), and react with impatience (as parents have been know to do), or just want to yell "What are you thinking?" I need to stop. Look in those eyes. Study those faces, and see God.

My children remind me that they are made in the image of God, as am I.

Thanks for the reminder, Harper and Zane.

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