Daddy's Working

Monday, January 28, 2013 Posted by Unknown

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One of the first phrases my daughter was able to piece together was, "Daddy's working." It was her morning mantra as we walked into daycare. People would say hello and she would respond, "Daddy's working."

One day, I'll tell her how often those little toddler words encouraged me in the morning. I'd wake up plagued by some very grown-up difficulties, doubts or depression and the words of my preschool philosopher would put me right back on track. "Yep," I'd think, "DADDY really is working." He had everything under control, and with every repeat, my faith would rise.

Funny thing is, as she comforted herself with the thought that, while daddy wasn't with us, she knew where he was, I was comforted by the thought that the Father was indeed with me and in control. I hope you'll be reminded that He is also with you, working in you and working things out for your good. Let that comfort you as it comforted us. My prayer is that you'll daily wake up to the reality that daddy is working.

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