There's Something About Joseph

Sunday, December 02, 2012 Posted by Joline

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Mary, Mary, Mary . . . we do seem to talk a lot about Mary this time of year. If you are not a main player in the Nativity story, this could make you feel less than important.

I'm directing the show Let It Be Christmas right now, and sure enough, Mary is quite the main character. But, as I work with the ensemble and we begin to discover some of the lesser known characters, it dawned on me . . . they need some stage-time.

So, all this month at Daily Fast Fuel we'll be sharing out thoughts about some characters who are mentioned, and yet not as popular in the story of the Nativity.

The first one will surprise you. For we hear his name often, and then quickly, we return to the topic of Mary.

But where would Mary be without Joseph?

This week? It's all about Joseph.


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