The Character of Joseph

Sunday, December 02, 2012 Posted by Joline

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We seem to sympathize with the young Mary quite a bit.

How would things have fared for the young girl that found herself miraculously pregnant had Joseph not been the man he was? She would have been ostracized. Maybe . . . even stoned? Certainly she would have been cast off as a choice bride offering for another man. Yeah, things would not have bode well for Mary.

But, as I am staging Let It Be Christmas at our church, I've also worked in the anguish, embarrassment  and shame that Joseph must have felt knowing that Mary, his beautiful betrothed, his virgin bride-to-be, had suddenly found herself in the family way.

And, in fact, he decided to walk away. Something got to him. His pride? The words of disgust from the mouths of family and friends? Tradition? At least he was going to be respectful about it and divorce her quietly. He didn't want to disgrace her, even though he wanted out. (Matthew 1:18-19)

Points for Joseph.

Only, during a dream, Joseph was challenged about his fear, and commanded to continue with the arrangement. (Matthew 1:20). And he listened. And more importantly, he obeyed.

More points for Joseph.

He then kept Mary safe through the long journey to Bethlehem. She, great with child at this point. The town? Not so great. Small. Ill-equip to care for a woman in labor. Think about it. I wonder whether he had a hand in delivering their child. Jesus.

Joseph for the win.

Joseph. A catch.

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