Entrusted to Joseph

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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What kind of man do you have to be for God, himself, to trust you with his child?

There must have been something amazing about Joseph for the Father to decide he was the man for the job. Or, perhaps, like the disciples, he was just a regular joe in whom the Father saw a great deal of potential. It's one of those things I'll likely ask about when I get to Heaven. Until then, we're left to simply piece it all together.

Scripture doesn't say much. He was a carpenter, a just man, son of a man named Jacob (not to be confused with the other guy named Joseph and his dad, Jacob) and his name, curiously enough, means "let him add."

And, he must have added exactly what Jesus needed in a father to fulfill his purpose as our Savior. Why else would the Father have added him to Jesus' story? Ask any parent and they'll tell you that you don't entrust your baby to folks all willy nilly. God knew what kind of man would be capable of fathering His Son, and he put his stamp of approval square on Joseph's shoulders.

And, Joseph rose to the occasion. He bore the honor and the responsibility of teaching, protecting and guiding our teacher, shepherd and light. What a job. What an opportunity. What a father. What a man.

Oh, and by the way, would you believe that Jesus' burial was also entrusted to a guy named Joseph? Interesting, huh?

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