Joseph's Dream

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 Posted by Katie

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I wonder if he had dreams. Did he dream of a special wedding celebration? A memorable wedding night? Did he dream of what it would be like when she told him she was expecting for the first time? Did he imagine what it would be like to share the happy news?

Did he dream about the first time he would look into the eyes of his very own son?

If he had such dreams, Joseph was a man who had to learn to put those dreams aside.

Under the circumstances there couldn't have been a wedding celebration as he had once envisioned. Surely the wedding night was nothing like he imagined. Mary’s first expectancy was…unexpected…and not the kind that would send Joseph running off to share the happy news.

And when Joseph first looked into the eyes of his very own son he saw, perhaps, an unfamiliar set of eyes staring back at him.

Joseph was a man who had to learn to put his dreams aside in favor of a new one. Jesus.

I believe this is what God the Father expects of each of us as well. We all have dreams and envisioned futures. Sometimes, however, God asks us to loosen our grip on our dreams in favor of a new dream that He will place right into our hands.

Welcome to another season of Advent, my friends. May Joseph inspire you, and may God help you prepare to receive a new dream; one that is both unexpected…and wonderful.

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