The Least He Could Do

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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I am a fan of the mysterious innkeeper. He could have turned Mary and Joseph away without a second thought. He'd likely turned others away that night and the holy couple may have been turned away by others. I'm certain that under the circumstances, this wasn't the only overcrowded inn in town. They were not the only couple in need of shelter and he was likely not the only innkeeper whose demand exceeded his supply.

He is, however the only innkeeper we read about because he is the only one who made room for the anointed travelers.  Let's forget about the fact that it was a stable and a less than likely place to give birth to a child. Let's focus instead on the fact that he offered them the only space he had available, even if it was the least he could do.

He gave what he had. He made room for them in the best way he could. He surrendered even his least to the Master's divine plan and the Master made the most out of his small offering.

That's typical of Him. He takes the lowly things, the insufficient, the seemingly insignificant, and uses them to accomplish His purpose in huge ways. He did it with that stable and He's done it with my life. May you find Him turning your "least" into something significant this Christmas and beyond.

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