A Little Room at the Inn

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 Posted by Katie

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The poor Innkeeper. He gets such a bad reputation for causing the King of Kings to be born in a stable. When the King of Kings deserved to be born in the presidential suite, He instead got an earthen floor, musty animals, and a less-than-appealing aroma.

All that to say contrary to popular belief, I think that poor innkeeper actually deserves an accolade. He was the first of many hearts to make room for Jesus even when it was an inconvenience and he had to think outside of the box to do so.

Jesus is in the habit of knocking at the doors of hearts, you see. (“Behold, I stand at the door and knock” Revelation 3:20) Many of us hear Him and yet think of a thousand reasons why we don’t have room for him.

We think we have to give Jesus the presidential suite in our life if we are to be transformed by Him. And when we can't make that happen, many of us think it best to just say, "Sorry, no room".

The truth is, if you find yourself unready to open up the presidential suite to Him, Jesus can still take up residence in the tiniest, humblest portion of your heart. Even from there, His miraculous presence has the power to transform.

Don’t think there is room in the inn? Make a little. Start there.

A little room is all Jesus needs to save the world.

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