A Conversation With My Curious Neighbors

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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I see you over there.

I know you're watching.

You see us coming and going and playing outside with our kids. You've overheard our laughter, you've seen how we interact.

Perhaps you've spied us praying at dinner or noticed that verse on our porch. You've seen that our friends resemble U.N. delegates.  You've sensed that there's something different going on over here.

I've been watching you watching us and it's okay. Yep, we're different. Peculiar even, and it's all because of someone we met years ago.

Come on over when you have some time. I'd love to introduce you. I'll tell you all about life before we met him (total chaos!) and you'll have the chance to get to know him for yourself. I can't wait to answer your questions about our "different" life, that verse on the porch and even our friends. It's all the radical result of a relationship I couldn't resist. Don't be surprised if you're "different" when you leave.

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