Hope Initiated

Sunday, September 30, 2012 Posted by Joline

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"There are just too many, what you would most likely call, coincidences, that have drawn me to follow Jesus."

That's how the conversation always starts. Whether one defines the events on my spiritual timeline as coincidence, fate, logical outcome - whatever, I know, without a doubt, that my coming to know Jesus was none of these.

It was a personal invitation. It was a strong branch held out to me to grab in several perilous situations over the course of my life, which I ignored. It was a quiet voice gently turning my head in curiosity. It was a loud voice which ultimately caused me to answer "yes".

God initiates.

We respond.

In recalling the course of my life, I can pinpoint His initiation through so many specific moments in time, going as far back as 2nd grade when Sharolyn invited me to an after-school Good News Club, to which I responded with, "Well, I got a new puppy! I can share that!" (Doh!)

That nudging one feels to explore Jesus? That "hmmm?" that arises from time to time after something miraculous happens? The gnawing feeling in the gut that there must be something more?

Invitation. Invitation. Invitation. To a party here on Earth and the after-party in Heaven.

How do I define my Hope?

He is the perfect party-Host. He is the One who never gave up inviting me to the journey, even when I was deaf, blind, and mute to his calling me. I never sought Him. That gives me too much credit - and is a complete lie.

He sought me. He initiated. I responded to the Hope that desired me as His guest.

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