The Deborah In Me

Sunday, August 19, 2012 Posted by Joline

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"You remind me of Deborah."

I had no idea who they were talking about. But I can assure you that, at the time, it was meant as a back-handed compliment. I had just over-stayed my welcome in a heated discussion. But, Deborah? Who was Deborah?

I was still rather fresh to the christian scene. I knew my book of John. The Gospels. 


I didn't realize at this point in my 2 year stint as a believer that there were any powerful women of note in the word of God. Funny, no one had thought to mention this to me. But now, being described as being similar to her, because someone had disagreed with how vocal I was being on a particular subject, I understood why. We don't understand Deborah. We skip over her.

There is not much shared about Deborah, but what we do know is found in Judges 4-5. We know she was leading Israel during that time, she knew the LORD, God of Israel, she had a male aid name Barak, we read that she was actually willing for Barak to get the credit for crushing Jabin's army, and we know that she gave the orders to "Go!" and attack.


I suppose I was being told that I was similar to Deborah because I had, have, a big mouth.

I think Deborah would be offended by that.

During a time of  "spiritual lethargy" as one commentator put it, she LEAD.
As a worshiper of the LORD, God of Israel, she LISTENED to His command.
As a humble servant, she was willing to LAY DOWN HER PRIDE and allow Barak to get the props.
And as obedient servant to the LORD, she was LIKE-MINDED: He said "Go!", she did not delay in issuing the order.

Deborah. So much more than just an out-spoken big mouth.

Don't ya think?

(There's even a song about her. Check out Judges 5.)

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