Rhema Words

Sunday, August 14, 2011 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Oneof the things I like best about Daily Fast Fuel is that our devotions areshort.  While I am writing I try to keep the image of a nugget, a pebble, something small that you, our friends, canput in your pockets and take with you.

Igot to thinking that for this week, theright sized nugget for each day would be a single word.  Butwhich words?  How could I possibly choose five wordsof significance, words that bring me such life that I can’t wait to sharethem with you?

Iasked God and He gave me some Rhema words.

Rhema(RAY-muh) is a Greek word meaning, “an utterance,” literally a spokenword.  Rather than Logos, meaning theentire written scripture, Rhema is a specific word or phrase that jumps out atyou, whether spoken or written.  Forinstance, you can read John 3:16 a thousand times, but that thousand and firsttime it’s different somehow.  It hits youin a new way, a fresh way, almost as if you’re reading it for the first time. The Living Word in action.
Thisweek I offer you some Rhema words that have spoken new life into myexistence.  They are words that inspireme, that whisper light to the dark places of my heart.  They bring fun, and they fuel my imagination.

Myprayer is that they whisper to your heart, bring you fun, and fuel yourimagination as well.

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