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Saturday, June 04, 2011 Posted by Joline

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I bet you're wondering if my title is a reference to that '80's flick about a high school wrestler. Right?

Trust me, that's not where I'm headed. 

Do you have a desire to see more of God than what you've always seen? To take a more concentrated gaze within yourself in order to continue growing and changing? Perhaps you are feeling a nudge to do more than give a quick glance at those whom God has placed directly on your daily path.

This week we'll all be getting an elective procedure call Spiritual Lasik.

Sometimes our eyes get stuck on one view. We see the mountain, but not the valley. We see the sin, but not the person. We see the leading actress, but not the company.

When we choose to be myopic, we miss out on the entire story.

Do you people-watch? (Admit it. At least to yourself. Go ahead. Noone will hear you, unless you audibly say "yes", and then they'll think you're nuts.)

What's the best part about being in an airport? Or a coffeeshop? It's trying to guess the stories behind the travelers, or java-sippers. There is a bit of fun in creating stories for these strangers as we stealthy watch their behaviors and eavesdrop on their conversations. The family going on vacation who forgot to pack the pacifier in their carry-on. The grumpy looking traveler who will be ticked if seated anywhere near the family going on vacation who forgot to pack the pacifier. The gal on the cell-phone who apparently doesn't mind that she is fueding audibly (I'm sorry he blew you off, but, um, shhhh.) The employee review that's a bit uncomfortable (yep - overheard one of those in my local brew ha-ha.) The serviceman or woman returning home from duty. The businessman. Honeymooners. College students. Who are all these people?

God knows them. 

Their stories are important to Him.

Your story, my story, their story. We all have a story to tell. 

So, wipe off the lenses, flush out that eyelash, and give those contacts and extra rinse.

Because I want to challenge all of us (me included) to look past what we already see, or think we see, based upon what we've always seen, as we look at God, ourselves, and those around us.

Get ready for surgery. It's out-patient. You'll be fine.

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