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Remember this popular poster?

This poster graced the wall of my dorm-room, as well as the walls of many of my friends, back when we were in college. 

Our eyes tend to look at the list and fixate on the name that "speaks to us". We cling to that which is familiar. We fish for what we like. Based on this list (which is NOT exhaustive) I'm drawn to "Light of the World." You?

Only, there is so much more to God than my "go to" comfort-name, as I learned years ago from the top of a tower at Bodiam Castle. Upon arriving, I was so eager to explore, that I barely gave the driver time to park before I exited (leaving my husband behind - no time for dilly dally) and ran up a small hill to reach the most brilliantly perfect English castle ever - complete with a moat (an unexpected surprise and pre-requisite for the perfect castle.) I crossed the drawbridge and climbed one of the towers (which I renamed "mine") and sat at the window to take in the view. While tucked up high in the tower I was struck by a feeling of being solidly surrounded and protected. From my strong tower I would have been able to see the approaching enemy - had there been one. But between the tower and obstacle of the moat, I was safe from harm. My tower was impenetrable. That's when I had a 2x4 moment.

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Not only is He a Strong Tower, His very NAME is a strong tower. Unlike Juliet's "What's in a name" monologue, God's names do indeed reveal identity and character. And yet we often limit ourselves by focusing, familiarizing, and even addressing God in the same way - day after day. Perhaps it is time to change the lenses to see more of our glorious God. Rather than looking at the God we know, how about exploring the One you've yet to meet?

Lion of Judah anyone?

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