Un-Pack the Baggage

Thursday, May 03, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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“Okay, Jesus, here I am.  I love you and I want to serve you wherever you want me."
"That’s great, Debbie.  Let’s go this way.”
[drag, thump, pull, shuffle, stagger]  “Ooof!   Ouch!”
“Debbie, what is all that?”
“It’s my baggage.  Every girl has her stuff.  I’ve been collecting it throughout my lifetime.  Say, would you carry some of this for me?”
“Debbie, Beloved, I died to free you from your baggage.  You can leave it all here.”
“It would be wonderful to not be dragged down by my past.  But… well… I’m afraid to hurt all over again.  I can’t do that.  It was painful enough the first time.”
Your painful memories must be unpacked and dealt with so I can heal them.  Truly I say to you, I will never leave you.  I will be there with you in that memory.  Trust me.”
Debbie takes a deep breath.  “Okay, Jesus.  I do trust you and I know you love me.  Thank you for coming to heal me.  Where should we start?  Oh, no, THERE?   THAT suitcase?  Oh, Jesus, no.  No.  I can’t do this.”
“You can do this, Beloved.  Do you see yourself?”
“Yes.  It’s the school playground and…”
“You see her.  What is she doing?”
“She is making fun of me.  All of the kids are laughing.  I feel so foolish, so ashamed.  Wait!  Jesus, I see you there, off to the side!”
“Yes, I am there with you.  Invite me into the memory.”
“Jesus, please come into this memory and heal me.”
“I am bringing my light and my truth.  Do you see the new thing I am doing?”
“You are rewriting this memory!   Now it isn’t painful!  It is filled with your love and peace.  Oh, thank you, Jesus!  Thank you so very much!”
Jesus smiles.  “I love you, Debbie.  Now, where is the suitcase you carried this memory in for so long?”
Debbie laughs.  “That old ugly thing?  I don’t need it anymore.” 

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