Don't Forget the Bacon

Sunday, July 13, 2014 Posted by Sara

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I spent six beautiful years as a missionary in southern Illinois.  God provided in many extraordinary, and sometimes humorous ways. During my first few years I received a stipend from the youth ministry I was working with, while the next two years I was blessed with an AmeriCorps position which invested in me because of the multitude of volunteer hours I provided the community.  

But when those two ships sailed, it was time for a new adventure with God.
Most missionaries fall into some combination of two categories for making a living - "tent making" and support raising.  Jobs were not plentiful in the community I worked in, but I didn't feel the pull of traditional support raising with writing lots of letters and such to ask people to partner with me in this missions work.

So instead, I waited on the Lord.
And waited.

Two days before my funds would run out I sat and prayed.  I knew if God led me this direction, He would provide.  But I did think we were kind of coming down to the wire!  As I sat with Him, He gave me a picture of me standing on a green hill, and Jesus came down to me in a red hot air balloon.  I hopped aboard and he flew me over many hills, covered with cattle.  He reminded me of the verse, "I own the cattle on a thousand hills," refering to how he owns everything.  I felt like he told me to "call in my cattle." So I sat in a chair in my room and called out ,"Sew-eeeee!"  

Which is actually how you call in pigs, but what did I know?

Two days later a farmer shows up in our little town to bring some checks from his church to support our ministry.  His youth group had visited our town on missions and the church wanted to connect with our ministry. During his visit he asked us if we could use a cow.  He had a friend who raised cattle and wanted to donate a cows worth of beef for our community meals.  

When our farmer friend, Harlan, came back two weeks later he brought a truck full of beef, a check to support me as a missionary full time, and a batch of pork sausage and patties!

God knows what you need, when you need it.  I was fully supported by Harlan, got a cow, and Jehovah-silly slipped in some piggie too.  Guess he heard my call!

What do you want to call in? 
I know someone who's listening.

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