The Check Is In The Mail

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Posted by Katie

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I have, in my time, experienced both seasons of financial plenty as well as those of need. If I’m feeling whiny, I might say that the seasons of need seem to be my lot in life.

They aren't really, though. And often, in those rough seasons, I have received that proverbial “check in the mail” just when I need it. I once found a cashier’s check in my office for the exact amount of the mortgage payment I couldn’t afford, for a home I couldn’t sell (remember those days?). Anonymous giver. Wow, dude.

I once literally got a check in the mail from someone who simply asked me to pay it forward someday. (I intend to.)

And recently, I actually had a friend help pay for Phillip’s medical bills. Remember that cancerous tumor? Yeah, we maxed our out-of-pocket insurance expense for 2014. Those bills are now completely paid off. (Thanks)

Truly, I have no business complaining about financial need. Because no matter how close to the edge I have ever been, I have never...not even one time...been unable to pay my bills. I have been frighteningly close...much like standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon staring at my shoes while God is shouting, “Check out that view!” (For the record, God, I am not a thrill-seeker. You should know this, having created me and all.)

So a couple of weeks ago, I was out walking with my mom, WHINING (like a child) about how I am never one of those people who gets those “checks in the mail” when I need help. I went so far as to whine that if God does truly “favor” some folks above others, then I must be on the loved-but-not-favored-list. I was having a day, and totally throwing a fit about it.

You ever heard one of your kids throw a fit and say something out of line?
Me too. I usually give them the “look” and follow up with a stern “I heard that.”

As providence would have it, when I got home from my whine-around-the-block, I opened my mail. Lo and behold...a check!! Yes. For a whopping...wait for it…


God said, “I heard that.” And I had just gotten the “look”.
I knew it.
He was listening. He is always listening.

And then...I laughed out loud. I’m pretty sure the Lord God Almighty was LOL-ing too.

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