Graduation Dirge

Monday, June 09, 2014 Posted by Sara

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I imagine my speech would be fairly short.  
If I had the luxury of stepping back to 1999 and walking up to the podium, digging deep for words, I'd search for anything that might ignite someone on a path for fullness of life.

Today's the day we lay Should to rest.

So many of you sit here now, with a future crafted by Should.
You SHOULD go to college.
Then you SHOULD get married.
You SHOULD have 2.5 children.
You SHOULD get a job.
You SHOULD make investments, buy a house, retire, and buy a little purse pooch.
Your life SHOULD look like a Donna Reed episode.

For so long we've measured happiness and success by Should. 
But today, we lay to rest this faithful designer and scriber of life.

YOU are the amazing story of what life COULD be, when the SHOULD script is vanquished, and hope and possibility reign.  What makes you come ALIVE?  What do you WANT to do? What does fullness of life look like through your eyes, heart, and mind? What if your journey in life came from living connected to the God of impossibility?  And what if you believed He would not leave you, even if you lived life outside the Should lines?

I wonder.

I wonder what the world would look like if you wrote you own story.

Instead of giving Should the pen.

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