Today Tells Yesterday

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Posted by Lisa

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Today tells yesterday to hold on, press forward, don’t ever give up.

Today tells yesterday you cannot do this journey alone. You need Light to see and when you find yourself lost, needing to find your way to your destination, God will guide you.  

Today tells yesterday there is an enemy who wants you alone so when you fall there is no one to lift you. This is a tactic to lose trust in the Unseen, to plot your own course. Today tells yesterday to find a core group of women to trust because a strand of three isn't easily snapped. They will strengthen you and you will strengthen them.

Today tells yesterday take care of yourself. Your body is a temple. Treat it as such.  Today tells yesterday mental health is just as important as physical and spiritual health. The Great Physician will provide your needs to achieve it. Trust those He puts in your path.

Today tells yesterday to forgive quickly and often.  You have an Advocate. He will count every hurt that comes your way. He will build your character, teach you lessons and redeem the pain. He will honor your resolve to forgive. He will bring you peace and issue justice on your behalf.

Today tells yesterday you will experience hard times, some will be difficult losses. Lean in and learn from the Comforter. He will comfort you through hands of many then you too will know how to do the same.  

Today tells yesterday to go to bed thankful, dream. Today tells yesterday those dreams are the Creator’s desire for you. Pursue them.

Today tells yesterday life is not a race to finish first, but a race to be finished with honor. This race requires stamina, perseverance, strength of friends, support of loved ones, rest, Bread of Life for hunger and Living Water for thirst. Reach the finish line and you will receive a crown of righteousness

Today tells yesterday face every day with anticipation.  It is the greatest race you will ever run.

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