Nothing is Impossible

Wednesday, January 01, 2014 Posted by Anonymous

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“Without vision my people perish.” Proverbs 29:18
            “What is your big dream for this coming year?” We asked our readers. Funny, I asked something similar during one of my holiday dinners. While I had grandiose plans, a co-worker simply said, “I hope to get through the second year of my mother’s death and all the decisions surrounding the home on the coast she left me.” Another just wanted to hang onto his job for the year. I understand their hope-frozen state of mind.
            When my baby daughter was in the hospital dying from cancer, a friend came to visit. During lunch she had the nerve to ask, “What is your vision for the future? What are your dreams?” All I could think was, How can you ask me such a thing; all I can think of is my family? Yet, it was just the prescription I needed: focus on something beyond the temporary roadblock.
            Without Christ, the hope of glory, I’m near-sighted. With Him, there is no dream too big, nor too small. My big 2014 dream is physical in nature: walk the Santiago pilgrimage trek from southern France to the St. James cathedral on the coast of Spain with my eldest brother. Not for religious reasons but for relationship. I want to get to know my brother better. I also get to know the heart of the seekers and the natives we meet along the way. 
            Spiritual, I want to embrace a deeper level of who my Master Creator is. I want to experience another one of God’s European counties—the dawns and dusts of his rising and setting sun. I want to taste the fruit of the Spanish vineyards, walk the dusty roads of past and present all the while praying and pouring out what God equips me to release. I want to be his secret missionary interceding for all I see and meet.
            No matter what the dream—fun, small, huge or hard—I lean on the verse from Luke: “Nothing is impossible for God.”

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