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Sunday, January 12, 2014 Posted by Lisa

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Have you ever met a morning person who seems to have everything together the moment they wake up? Do you have that kind of energy as soon as the sun rises and are up before the rooster even bats an eye? Or are you part of the crowd who has to go through morning rituals of sonic boom alarms, smelling salts and caffeine laced vitamins chased down by double sots of espresso just to join the living?

Each one of us has a distinct way of dealing with what we face when we rise. The same is true for when we "wake up" in a Christian birth; every life is so completely different from another. This week the gals will be sharing with you what it was like for her when she first had the veil lifted and was made new in Christ.

Some of us had day and night transformations. Some of us still struggle. Each of our stories can encourage. I'll meet you here every morning. Join me?

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