Just Keep Swimming

Sunday, July 07, 2013 Posted by Joline

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Seems to me that it is our own thinking that tends to hijack our best laid plans and dreams.

It was only a mere 3 years ago that in the thick of navigating through how to handle my husband's depression, I made a bold step to begin exercising again. And not just that. My step included helping others as well. At the darkest part of our 20 years together, I started a new business. It was walk on water decision.

From there, I began writing again. And acting - something that had been put on hold for years. I was blossoming.

All during a period in our lives which we would consider our "dark ages".

See, many want change, but can't seem to act on that instinct. And thus, nothing changes. My theory based on working with fitness challengers, is that unless the initial need is emotional and ugly, the driving want just isn't present. And, without that want, there is no action. No, can.

Scripture tells us that our minds CAN be renewed and we CAN be transformed (Romans 12:1-2). Medical science tells us that our brains CAN be rewired. All the evidence is there.

We are the ones who short-change, snip circuits, and shut off the power to moving forward. We forget that Jesus dwells within us, and that He is CHANGE. He is that CAN.

We must remember this and keep on swimming. Whether that be in deep water, upstream, in cold temps, or in rocky seas. If I had stopped swimming, I would have drowned in my husband's sorrows.

I did not. I lived on the promise of that verse.

And we are all much better of these days.

I thank the Master Electrician for transforming my mind from defeat to tenacity.

So I would just keep swimming.

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