Daytona Or Bust

Thursday, July 18, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Years ago I saw a news segment, interviewing various Spring Breakers at Daytona Beach.  One guy couldn’t even get out of the pool long enough to talk to the crew.  He did, however, agree to swim closer to the wall. 

The reporter asked him about the “What happens in Daytona stays in Daytona” mindset.  He agreed that most of the girls there were, um, freer with themselves than they were back at home.  The reporter asked him if his future bride could be there among them.  “No, no,” he replied.  “My wife wouldn’t be here.”
My attitude about his attitude was quite noticeable, at least to anyone else in the house, because I was answering the TV pretty loudly.  “What on earth makes you think that a woman of that quality would want anything to do with YOU?” I asked this guy who couldn’t hear me.  “If you want a quality woman, you had darned well better step up and be a quality man.”

Oh, how tempting it is to loosen the reins when we think no one is looking (Yes, I speak from experience.  No, I've never been to Daytona).   If we live according to “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, according to perceived moral code, we will be itching to cast off those burdens every chance we get.  The control of “religion” will drive us from Jesus. 

But, if we live according to love, growing more enraptured with Jesus every day, we will seek to please Him, in all ways and at all times.  The freedom of relationship will join us to Him. 
Perhaps then temptations like Daytona will lose their luster.  
And maybe the next time I answer my TV it will be with less venom and more grace.

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