From Zombie to Life

Sunday, June 02, 2013 Posted by Joline

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I am a fan of The Walking Dead.

Now before you pull the "it's so violent and graphic" card, know that I agree with you. The characters, however, are REALLY good, and . . . as I've come to realize after a number of seasons, The Walking Dead, or zombie movies, stories, etc. in general, are really just allegory. Everyone has a different opinion of what that allegory is, but in my opinion?????

Ephesians 2:1-7.

We were dead. Some are still "dead". Walking around. Craving the immediate gratifications of the world. Out for themselves. Serving only their immediate personal needs. Merely "surviving".
And they don't even realize they are dead.

And yet, here's the topsy part. We have to DIE to our "walking dead" selves, in order to find LIFE.

In my job as a fitness/wellness coach, I see "before and after" photos daily. And here, too, my clients had to DIE to their cravings, their immediate desires, their "walking dead" existence, and make sacrifices to begin truly living.

So, while my fascination with zombies actually has me getting costumed/makeup'd to chase after racers in the Run for Your Lives race in August, I am quite pleased that as a 17 year old, I left behind my zombie life, choosing the life that Jesus offers.

I still nurse some zombie tendencies, but I no longer AM one.

I am alive.

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