Odd Man Out

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 Posted by Katie

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What if Jesus’ wasn’t dressed in robe attire? What if he looked like your peer? What if he was in the room with you…same age as you, same cultural style, but the same phenomenal love and power as the 2,000-year-old stories we’ve read?

What if he, like a peer, was in the same room while you were talking with a pal? What if he was always there…and you never invited him into the conversation?

Perhaps your pal doesn’t know him? Would you consider introducing them? Inviting Jesus in on the conversation? 

What if your pal does know him, and you guys have been talking for some time now about issues that only Jesus can do something about? You might feel a little sheepish about leaving him out of the convo for so long…and you might just decide to turn and talk to him together. 

That, my friends, is prayer. The living, breathing, powerful Jesus hangs out with you 24-7, just chilling nearby, waiting to be included.

If introductions need to be made, be brave. Introduce.

If everybody knows everybody, then why leave Jesus out? That’s just awkward. He’s sitting there, after all. Invite him into your conversation.

That’s what He lives for!

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