The Inns and Outs of the Innkeepers

Saturday, December 22, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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“Yo, Innkeeper!  We need more towels!  And some swaddling clothes!  And please hurry!”

Cooking, cleaning, changing linens, giving directions, oh, and sending a VERY pregnant girl and her poor almost-husband out to sleep in the stable.  Not quite a normal day in the life of the innkeepers of Bethlehem.  Drama like this only happens once in a lifetime—or really, once in all of time.  What might the innkeepers have thought of Mary and Joseph?  Of the child they brought into the world?  Of the fact that their animals probably smelled better than those shepherds who were running all over town spouting some nonsense about angels? 

We Daily Fast Fuel gals will be sleuthing and imagining, trying to get into the heads of these Bethlehem folks, and discovering what God has to teach us through them.  So gather up your luggage (and maybe a towel or two) and join us as we spend the week at The Inn of Bethlehem.

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