Something About Elizabeth

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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Elizabeth was some kind of women.

She had the fortitude to be a pastor's wife.
She had the perseverance to survive years of barrenness.
She had faith to believe the impossible promise given to her husband.
She had the capacity to mother a charismatic evangelist.

She was quite impressive. Her strength, her wisdom, her patience, all exemplary. But, what strikes me most is her response to Mary's pregnancy--she did not delay in rejoicing with her and there was not even a hint of offense over God's plan concerning the roles each woman would play.

There was no jealousy over His choice to give Mary the Messiah; No inkling that she felt slighted as the mother of  "he who would go before;" No human animosity, feelings of inadequacy or questions of "Why her and not me?" Her response, instead, was genuine joy that both she and Mary would be honored as divine incubators.

What character. She didn't feign happiness while secretly wishing they could trade places. She didn't walk away offended while rehearsing all the reasons she was more qualified. In stark contrast, she was grateful for the choice God made to use them both. What an amazing show of holiness. What a remarkable example to follow.

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