Elizabeth: God Delivered on Time

Sunday, December 09, 2012 Posted by Joline

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"There's never a right time to have a child."

I remember being newly married in my 20's and having this "advice" thrown at me now and again. George and I were 22, fresh out of college, working silly little jobs, and living in a one bedroom apartment. We didn't want a child. Not then. It was most certainly not the right time.

He started seminary a year later - which would be 4 year journey.

Following seminary, he searched for a job. For THREE YEARS.

By this point were were approaching our 10th year of marriage. Rounding 30.

Then, and only then, did God bless us with 1) the desire to have a child, and 2) the child. It was the "right time"- as only God could plan.

I often think of Elizabeth. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Realizing she was barren. Giving up hope of ever having a child. And then, SURPRISE. God's timing was ON TIME. God's plan for the world didn't merely involve Joseph and Mary. It involved Elizabeth and Zacharias and their son, John.

John who went before our Lord to pave the way for His entrance.

There was indeed a "right time" for Elizabeth to conceive. For in God's larger plan, she couldn't  have had a child earlier. Or later. It had to be . . . when it was.

So often we do not trust God's wristwatch or calendar for us. Perhaps if we did, we'd experience even more surprise and wonder and elation - like that of Elizabeth.

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