Love Journey: A Light Bulb Moment

Thursday, October 18, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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The church’s outside wall was made entirely of glass, so I could see him walking toward the building.  As the temporary secretary for our smallish congregation I knew everyone, and I knew I had not seen him before.   “Oooo," I thought.  “He's cute.  I hope he comes back.”

I don’t know that it was necessarily love at first sight, but it was definitely connection at first sight.  I made sure to introduce myself and invited Clinton to sign the register, with his name, address, phone number…

And then my regular life continued, which included the fantastic guy I had been dating for two years and planned to marry.  Only, he was away at college and I was commuting to George Mason University from home, so we had agreed (entirely my idea) to date other people to “test” the relationship.  We were both young and I wanted to be certain he was God’s will for me.

A few months later I sat down with God and said, “Look, if Fantastic Guy and I are supposed to be married, you’re going to have to let me know, and quickly.  The next step is to get engaged, so either You’re going to have to save him or You’re going to have to send me something else.”

Two days later, Clinton asked me out.
We dated a bit, broke up, and dated again.  After several months and lots of praying, I sat down with God again and looked at what I had with each guy.

Biggest.  Light bulb.  Moment.  Of.  My.  Life (to that date).  Suddenly I knew, as surely as I knew my name was Debbie, that Clinton was what God planned for me.

Could Fantastic Guy and I have been happy?  I believe so.  After all, he was a fantastic guy.  But it wouldn’t have been God’s plan, and I knew enough to know God’s plan is tons better than mine. 

Nearly twenty-three years later we still have a terrific marriage and I still know it’s right, like I know my name is Debbie.

Only now, I have a different last name.

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