Happily Ever After, The Prequel

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Posted by Sara

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I would consider myself as romantic as most ladies. I love a good Austen, Green Gables, Downton Abbey-a-thon, like so many.  This week I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the little love stories unfolding on the Daily Fast Fuel and how the Lord has weaved His hand into each of my sisters' stories. As I read them, I’m discovering more about how beautiful it is when heaven invades your love story.  Admittedly, I think hearing these stories breeds such hope for me in this season of singleness- because each story is so different, so varied.  I am reminded how love can be humorous, constant, patient, clear and mysterious.  I’m encouraged that there is no formula or pattern to try to follow to get to the altar – God’s got his own journey for each of us. It releases grace over me – my great weapon when the lies of “you missed your chance, and you’re not enough” creep into the camp. 

No little lies, I’m afraid you’re wrong. 

You just don’t know my story yet. 
You’ve never seen anything like it- no one has.
Because there is only One who knows how this story goes.
You have found me in the prequel to my happily ever after.  God’s been working on an amazing backstory – a beautiful backdrop. 
Here in the prequel He is teaching me of love, of Himself, of who I am.
Little lies, I am not broken or unwanted.
I am simply in the midst of the foundation and the creation of all that is to come.

At any moment the prequel might come to an end, and I will marvel at the foundation God has built  in this season. I will delight in the depth and richness of the backstory spent falling in love with the One who first loved me. May the Lord grant hope and peace, to those who join me in the prequel season.

To the beauty of the next chapter.

“Love is patient." - 1 Corinthians 13:4

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