Journey to the Nations: God Bless America

Thursday, October 25, 2012 Posted by Sara

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Right now my class is doing a thematic unit entitled, "Journey to the Nations."  We are on a journey with the King to discover His love for the nations and the people who call them home.  We should have been jaunting the continents weeks ago, but our year is off to a slower start - so ten weeks in, we've just finished meandering across America.

I figured our own nation would be a good place to start, and quite providentially we were still immersed in our 50 state journey when the prayer team at our school decided to organize a special prayer time for America.  Our kids filled the gym and began singing praises and declaring God's heart over our nation.  It was a truly powerful time - in the midst of all the political dialogue- to just stop and be reminded through the hearts of these children - the great love God has for his people.

Before the prayer time, I asked my class to write love letters in their journals - from God to America.  Their words were inspiring.  It made me stop and think of what's on God's mind for each nation.  What does God think of Iran? Israel? Russia? China? North Korea?  Our political leaders have thoughts about all of them - but what does God say?  What's His vision for these places and people? 

And what would happen if our prayers for the nations were like love letters from Jesus, speaking life, hope, and restoration over them?  

Dear America,
God loves you so much and He’s going to bless you with hope, love, joy, and peace.  He will help you when you going through hard times, and will always be there for you. He cares about you.  When you are hungry he will feed you.  When you are dying He will bring you to Life.
- child of God, age 8

Dear America,

I wanted to tell you how much I love you.  You are amazing! You are in my hands of glory.  I will protect your Kingdom.  You are living.  You are alive with your worship! I feel it in my heart when you are praising me.  I give you wisdom, peace, and revelation of me.  Always remember to pray.
I love you, my glorious people!
-child of God, age 9

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