Seek to Serve

Sunday, July 29, 2012 Posted by Joline

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Are your eyes open?

Open to the needs around you?

I'll admit. My eyes aren't always focused outside of myself. Well . . . wait a minute. I SEE the needs. I have momentary urges to "help" in some way. But, sadly, I don't always follow those urges and SERVE.

I have great intentions.

Maybe not the greatest follow-through when the Holy Spirit nudges.

A few weeks ago, I was told our church would be facilitating a free basketball camp in a neighboring city where we also opened a community center. So far, other than a few visits to The Center to help clean and organize, I've not really served outside of my comfort zone.

And, I know nothing about coaching basketball.

However, the camp came just one week after I jumped out of another comfort zone and got certified to train clients in a fitness program called P90X. Now, here I was with this camp in my face. I felt a nudge. Then doubt. And then, I volunteered to run the warm-up and stretch part of the camp.

I'd never lead a fitness warm-up before now. Or a stretch. I HAD taught countless children in theater classes in the past. I channeled that, planned a warm-up, and stepped up to help.

I had something to give.

It made the kids sweat. And maybe even dislike me a tad . . . haha!

Deal with your own self-inflicted hesitations.
And then, SERVE.

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