Secret Service

Sunday, July 29, 2012 Posted by Katie

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You most likely will never find me wearing a dark suit and shades, or donning an ear piece. Nevertheless, I AM in the secret service and I hear my boss whispering instructions in my ear all day, every day.

As we are exploring what it means to set up Appointments for Service this week, I’d like to offer my observations as one who is currently retired from vocational ministry. If you are a regular “diner” here at the Daily Fast Fuel, you know that I spent nearly five years in full-time youth ministry. I lived service on a daily basis. It was my job.

Not only was it my job to serve the youth in my ministry, but it was my job to introduce them to service. Scheduling appointments for service on a regular basis was a huge part of my day-to-day work. I scheduled visits to play bingo with residents at a rehabilitation facility, prepare meals at a homeless shelter, clean up unsuspecting neighbors’ yards with “Rake ‘n Runs”, deliver Valentine Cupcakes to shut-ins, and make and deliver hot meals to encourage members of our congregation. And every year, I scheduled at least one week-long mission trip so that the youth could be totally immersed in service 24 hours a day. All this effort was made in the hope that someday, this next generation would embrace service and make it a regular part of their life, apart from youth-ministry-appointed times.

There is more.

I encouraged them to join the secret service.

Members of God’s secret service intentionally go about seeking ways to serve Him within their own little circle of influence. They are to extend grace, forgiveness, friendship and acceptance, but keep it all on the down low. There are no t-shirts to commemorate this service. There is no scheduled time for the service to begin and end. You do not get to announce that you’re doing it, or boast when it is done. There are no poignant photos to include in a slide show about your efforts.

In the secret service you may not wear a dark suit and shades, but you do wear the cloth of Christ. Though you might wish it, there is no ear piece wherein an invitation to serve is extended to you from your youth pastor, pastor, small group leader, or volunteer coordinator. Rather, the invitation for service is whispered into your ear by Christ Himself. Best of all, in the secret service, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is known only to you and to Him. It is a secret. It brings you joy, it glorifies Him…and it is FUN.

Try it.

May you join the secret service and may you enjoy your whispered invitations from Jesus to help build up the Kingdom with Him…clandestinely… a little bit each day.

(Shades optional.)

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