Favorite "Must Read"

Sunday, June 10, 2012 Posted by Joline

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I named my first-born Harper.

I named my first dog Scout.

Get the picture?

If not, you are one of countless adults who have never read To Kill a Mockingbird, and frankly, that's crazy.

In my head, having never read that book is a baffling thought. No judgement. Just surprised. I've read it 4 times.

What's really cool, is that earlier this year I stumbled upon this gem: The Mockingbird Parables, which uses the story as the background to inspire spiritual growth.

Perhaps read them side by side?

I am saddened when someone says, "I'm not a reader." To Kill a Mockingbird is a GREAT start. Let me know if you've NOT read it and are planning to give it a go.

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