Memorials—Rocks, Blogs and a Dash of Incense

Thursday, May 31, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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As Sara so very well shared yesterday, Israel had altars of rocks, monuments to remind them of what the Lord had done for them.  That got me wondering.  What altars, what monuments, do I have that tell the story  of God’s love or what He has done? 

I look around my house.  I can’t see anything that really acts as a memorial to Jesus.

I guess I could build an altar in my house.  Hang a cross, mount a few pictures of Jesus, light some candles, waft a little incense… Okay, I’m creeping myself out just a bit. 

Then it hits me.  The purpose of an altar, of a memorial of any kind, is to communicate something important, something worth remembering.  The lives given in service to our country are worth remembering.   God’s faithfulness to His people, Israel, is important, not only to them but to all of mankind.  Memorials help ensure that those events are not forgotten.

Which events in my life are worth memorializing?  Which are less so?  How do I decide?

The beauty of living in this day, in this age, is that I don’t have to choose.  All I have to do is write them down.  No chiseling statues out of stone.  I can document here, at Daily Fast Fuel, or the other places I write. 

Even if my memories are not published for the world to see, simply journaling them can be enough.  Why?  Because we have a tendency to forget--details, dates, entire chains of events.  By writing them down we can revisit the memories in crystal clear detail.  The remembering is important, as is giving thanks.  Just as on Memorial Day we reflect and remember in gratitude, so God also loves when we remember and express our thankfulness to Him, be it in front of many or just Him and you.

No incense required.    

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