Memorial Monday

Sunday, May 27, 2012 Posted by Joline

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Sunday is supposed to be our day of remembrance as we flock to church to worship corporately with our fellow believers. It is a day set apart. For many, it is the one true Sabbath/rest day we get to take each week. A day to slow down, reflect, and take pause. Refuel.

And then comes Monday. Barging through our delightful Sunday stupor like an unwelcome house-guest - not that we don't wanna be hospitable, but seriously - we were not expecting you, and now we've been knocked off our gait from our delightfully placid Sunday saunter.

Did we not see Monday coming?

As I ponder Memorial Day and the mind-boggling sacrifices that men and women have made on behalf of myself, a stranger, I am impressed by their commitment to be "on guard" at all times for our country. We could learn a ton from this discipline.

Sunday may be for resting, but Monday will always be right on its heels, and thus, keeping one's spirit "on guard" so that Monday doesn't completely derail all the good we experienced on Sunday, is a good tip. It's the delicate dance of continuing to be "on guard" even when "off duty". Not a paranoid "on guard", certain of evil lurking around every corner, but more of an acute awareness of God's certain presence in the world around us. It's a call to be ever-watchful. Ever-present. Ever-aware. Ever-involved.

As a believer, we can truly never be "off-duty".

Even on that intrusive Monday morning.

God reigns today just as he did yesterday, and He's calling you to attention.

As boldly as you stood worshiping and proclaiming His name yesterday, do so today.

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