Resurrection Expectations

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Posted by Katie

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If you had been lived in the era before the resurrection, before anyone knew what it was like to wake up each day knowing that He had risen, you might have approached life like those women did that morning…

You would have walked into your day in the dark, knowing with certainty what lay before you – an immovable, unchangeable consequence to a tragic turn of events. You would face what lay ahead, hopeless though it may be: your dearly loved, dramatically disfigured, and dead friend; a huge stone (no idea how you were going to move THAT); and some Roman soldiers (who, under the circumstances, would most likely be less than hospitable). If this had been your expectation with which you started your day, I imagine that your pace would have matched your dread and disappointment of what lay ahead. The heaviness that you carried with you might have been more than you believed you could bear.

However, if you had lived in that window of time when those who loved Him had just found out that He had risen, you might have approached life like those disciples did…

You would have RUN into the dawn of a new day, uncertain and not fully understanding the news you had just learned, but believing it enough to go see it for yourself. You would have known what you THOUGHT you expected to see, but a small part of you would now be hoping you could expect to see something…more.

But, my friends, if you lived as one in the post-resurrection era, greeting each new day as one full of limitless possibilities, you would embrace the freedom of a world in which Jesus conquered death. He conquered death. Before the resurrection, nothing was more final than death. But now, with Him, the finality is gone with eternity in its place. If you lived in this era, the one in which new life can be breathed into whatever God wants it to be, you might expect a day in which anything is possible for those who believe. You might not even feel you have to start your day at a tomb in the first place. You would know not to seek the living among the dead and you would seek LIFE with the gift of each day.

Now, this Easter week, allow me to ask you one question.

Based on YOUR expectations of what Life holds for you, when the sun rises each day, which era are you living in?

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