Live the Resurrection

Sunday, April 08, 2012 Posted by Joline

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Sometimes, the thoughts my Pastor preaches on a Sunday morning, and the thoughts that I have been entertaining/pondering do a crazy dovetail. This has happened several times.

Easter morning was one of those times.

On Saturday, I wrote my introduction to our Resurrection week here at Daily Fast Fuel. That same day, I jot down some thoughts on Easter Living via my Facebook page.

Easter Living?


Guess what. Today (as I write this) is Easter. Monday (while you read this) is also Easter. And in a "the risen Christ doesn't just show up to be celebrated one time a year" type of thinking, tomorrow is Easter also. And next week. And, well, shoot . . . so is November 13th for that matter.

We forget. Just like the disciples forgot and needed to be reminded to remember. Quite simply - our lives, and all that comes with them, seem to overshadow the fact that we have been bought with a price. And that price was paid in order that WE would be brought back from death into glorious life. Glorious DAILY life. To live any other way is to stay stuck behind the big stone at the entrance of the tomb.

So, as I wrote on my FB wall, "Get out of the tomb."
And, as my Pastor put it, "Stop the grave talk."



We are no longer stuck in that grave. To live a life that resembles death is a tragic response to the miracle of love that God poured out for us on the cross and which ultimately culminated in Christ rising from the dead, removing the stone that entombed Him, and walking free once more.

Easter. It's an all day, everyday type of deal. Getting Easter'ed up one day a year just doesn't do justice to the truth of the matter. He rose so that WE may LIVE.

What stone do YOU need to move in order to LIVE?

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