Contemplating Crucifixion

Saturday, March 31, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Crucifixion.  One of the cruelest, most painful, humiliating and gruesome ways to die.  The word excruciating comes from “out of crucifying.”  Simply reading up on it in Wikipedia is enough to give me nightmares.  My heart and mind can’t quite process it.  We don’t really have a context for this incredibly torturous act in modern American society.

Partly for that reason, and partly because we have simply heard the story so many times, this element of the central event in human history has lost its power to move our hearts.  It’s become merely another scene in the Christian landscape.  Like a picturesque park we pass every day on our drive down the road, we get to where we don’t see it.

That is, until our car breaks down and we are forced to wait for help.  We exit the car and sit down on a sun-warmed park bench, letting our senses collect information and our minds wander.  Suddenly we notice details we have missed all along, details that catch our breaths and spark our hearts.

My prayer is that God will use His Kitchen Crew here at Daily Fast Fuel to help us all pause for just a moment to contemplate the true horror of "Good" Friday.  Let us allow our hearts to be broken by all that Jesus had to go through to bring us to Himself.   
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