Prints of Peace

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Posted by Sara

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Dear family and friends,

Tis the season for celebrations! It’s that time of year again when I sit down and write a little annual greeting. I am thrilled to update you with some special news this year: He’s coming! 

The King! The one we’ve been waiting for – the one who will rescue us from our cycles of suffering and sin.  The child is coming. A son is being given to us all.  All of our waiting will be worth it!

He will be in power – and in control of all things. He will be not only be our King, but a wonderful counselor.  He will make wise decisions and teach us how to do the same. 

He will be our mighty God.
Our everlasting Father.
Our Prince of Peace.

His influence and power in governing all things will increase forever.
And – get this- there will be no end to the increase of peace in the land.
And in our hearts.
And in our minds.

He is bringing the eternal cease-fire to every circumstance, and the most wonderful rest. Here’s a promise – as we keep our eyes on this King, he will keep us in this perfect peace – a resting from the unrest of the world. God’s passionate excitement is doing it all!!

Join me in waiting with joyful anticipation!


Isaiah 9:6-8, 26:3

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