Love Actually Is All Around

Tuesday, December 06, 2011 Posted by Katie

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As a youth minister mulling over bible studies and sermons in my office, I would often get stuck wondering where I could find “that” verse. I usually looked to for my quick concordance needs. But sometimes, Biblegateway just didn’t cut it. In times like these, I depended on my interoffice paging system. It was a very sophisticated system that involved me leaning back in my chair and hollering through the door that adjoined my office to that of my pastor’s, “Hey Dave! Where’s that verse in the Bible that talks about...?” Dave and I used this system so often; we had a staple question, just for laughs, that usually followed any sincere request. It went like this:

“Where’s that verse in the Bible that talks about God’s love?”

Theologian humor. Hilarious, right? I mean, where in the world would you start? The answer is, ANYWHERE. The whole bloomin’ Book is about God’s love! Every last precious word.

And the cool thing is, one silent and holy night, the Word became flesh and and began to dwell among us, changing our lives for eternity.

That’s what Advent is about: remembering the promise, the wait, the Word, and the wonder even yet to come. Have trouble remembering? Open the Bible anywhere, make a habit of reading it often and you will find that every page is a piece of the greatest Love story ever told.

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